The director holds a Qualification in Electronic Engineering and 10 years of Work Experience. We are an innovative company looking to provide solutions to industry related problems. Our heritage is based on these core values:  Integrity, Reliability and Dependability.

Our ultimate goal is to find ways to provide cost effective, reliable, and quality solutions to these issues and challenges. Listed below are some of the industry related problems and how The Tome Group strives to resolve these problems.

Firstly, there are two pain points that most sectors face on a daily basis, the first pain point is loss of productivity, and this is an ongoing challenge. Also stemming out of this challenge is the reliability issues, The Tome Group seeks to provide Engineering solutions to eradicate low productivity and reliability. Typical challenges faced are Erosion/ Corrosion in piping, mobile support to certify and calibrate test equipment and plants that have degenerated due to improper monitoring.

Secondly, we have found that service delivery is a real challenge throughout all sectors in South Africa. The Tome Group is expanding into distribution and wholesaling of products. One of our key strategies is to provide quality products and ensure low turnaround times. Transport strategies are in place to ensure that customers get the required products safely and timeously. We also stress to our employees, the need for after sales support. This is the commitment that the Tome Group will provide to their customers business needs.

The Tome Group provides products and services that affect a vast number of sectors. Listed below are the Target Markets that The Tome Group has decided to focus on:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Terminals
  • Petrol Stations
  • Automotive – Light duty and Commercial Vehicles
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial – Construction, Mining, and Manufacturing/ Chemical Plants

We have put together a team that displays both strength and depth. Some of the strengths and depths of our team are listed below:

  • Good work ethics
  • Good leadership skills
  • Technical and Analytical skills
  • Adaptability
  • Job Knowledge
  • Collaborative
  • Task Prioritisation
  • Dedication to Customer Support
  • Attention to detail
  • Technological Advancement and Creativity


The Tome Group is currently situated in KwaZulu Natal. We are currently targeting customers in both KZN and Gauteng. We are looking to expand our products and services on a national level. Our next phase is to touch base with the African Continent and an ambition to go International.